Local Delegate Prepares For Democratic National Convention

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)—After Republicans wrap up their convention on Thursday (July 21), Democrats will begin theirs in Philadelphia on Monday.

Former Sebastian County Sheriff Gary Grimes will attend as a national delegate.

“I decided this year, having been involved with the Clintons through the years, that I wanted to be a national delegate,” he said.

Grimes has grown to know the Clintons when he was the Sebastian County sheriff and President Bill Clinton was governor. He said the former president actually convinced him to run for sheriff.

“The Clintons have been good friends,” Grimes said, “Not only work-wise as sheriff, but just personally, too. I mean the president was at our house in April.”

He said the drama at this week’s Republican National Convention is not surprising.

“Some of it I wish that we didn't have in either party,” he said “I would prefer to see everyone be able to get together, decide who their candidate is, and promote that candidate to get out there and work hard and let the people decide.”

Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge spoke about Hillary Clinton at the RNC Tuesday (July 19).

“Hillary says when they left the White House, they were poor,” she said. “And while they've made millions, she's still poor in all the ways that really count—poor judgment, poor policies, and poor decisions.”

“I don't know if that helps any of us decide how to vote,” Grimes said about personal attacks being made by politicians on both sides of the political spectrum.

Grimes also shares an office with U.S. Representative Steve Womack, who oversaw the rules vote at the RNC on Monday. Grimes said he doesn’t foresee that type of protest happening in Philadelphia.

“I don't expect anything and wouldn't be surprised if there's not something," he said. "But probably a lot of those things will work out prior to being on the floor.”

Grimes said to become a delegate he had to campaign throughout the 3rd District to get enough votes to get to the DNC.

He said he will be staying busy at the convention—attending caucus meetings, hearing all the various speakers and voting on rules developed by a committee prior to the convention. He said he's looking forward to the entire experience.


  • Jethro

    The irony of a former law enforcement officer supporting a career criminal is thick. That says a lot about the character of this ‘friend’ of the Clintons. Must enjoy the company of crooks. Birds of a feather… Tell us 5 “News”, did I miss the story about local delegate(s) going to the Republican convention? /sarc

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