Local Democrats Look Forward To National Convention In Philadelphia

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WASHINGTON COUNTY (KFSM) -- With the Republican National Convention completed, Hillary Clinton and the Democrats are set to take the stage next.

Washington County Democrat Tyler Clark said he’s ready to see how the Clinton campaign responds to the previous week of events from Republicans in Cleveland.

"Going second is an advantage. You have a chance to respond to a lot of the negative rhetoric that was coming out of the RNC," Clark said. "I think that the more Trump opens his mouth, the better it is for the Democrats."

Clark was pleased to hear the news that Clinton selected Tim Kaine as her vice presidential nominee.

“We are campaigning to win, not necessarily campaigning against Trump. We want to be able to continue the success we have had for the last eight years with President Obama and his administration, and see what we can improve on,” Clark said.

And, while many Democrats may think Clinton could win in a landslide come November, Clark wouldn’t be as quick to jump to that conclusion.

“You should take every candidate seriously. The Republicans didn’t take him seriously a year ago, and said there was no chance for him to win,” Clark said. “I think you have to take every candidate very serious in this election, there is too much at stake.”


  • Jethro

    Wikileaks dumped another 20,000 emails today. So far MSNBC and CBS have been implicated in their journalists colluding with the DNC. Further evidence the media are in the tank for the democrat party. CNN is another tool. No wonder the vast majority of Americans say the media are dishonest

    • tasdgs

      Although I think that the MSM gives very skewed commentary on various issues but I also think that your comment is a slap at the 1st Amendment.

    • odinscharge

      It somehow seems hypocritical to call out media for being bias and then encouraging people to go to a bias website to watch a bias documentary. Not saying that MSNBC is not liberal bias because it is but come on.

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