NWA Antique Festival Of The Ozarks Wrapped Up Sunday

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- People looking to sell and buy antiques gathered in Springdale this weekend for the NWA Antique Festival of the Ozarks.

With close to one hundred vendors there was something for everyone.  Susan Kennedy said she loves to go antiquing.

"I just think they’re cool. I like to find things that are vintage looking, maybe different that I can make something out of or I look at it and see what it could be," she said. "I see the potential in it."

Kennedy had been looking for a window with three panes and she lucked out and found one, but that’s not all she found.

“I found some black dominos…my husband and my brother-in-law play and they’ve been looking and looking and looking for solid black and I just happened upon them and I was so excited,” said Kennedy.

John Knotts has been an antique dealer at this festival since it started five years ago, selling pre-hippie movement Indian jewelry. He said jewelry on a lot of levels is a way to communicate.

“People look at things and discuss their intrinsic value and wearing jewelry is the same thing. It’s a conversation starter. You know I could come up and say I love that necklace you’re wearing and you could tell me where you got it,” said John Knotts.

Every item at this festival was authentic and not a reproduction which Knotts said is very important.

“For lasting value you want something that is real. You know you don’t want something that’s a depiction of something that once was and you want to hand this stuff off to your kids, nieces and uncles and whoever needs it…it’s timeless,” said Knotts.

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