Arkansans In Philadelphia Prepare To Nominate Clinton For President

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PHILADELPHIA (KFSM) – The Democrats took the national stage to begin the nomination process for their party on Monday evening (July 25).

With Donald Trump officially in the books as the Republican candidate for president, Democrats across the nation are ready to select Hillary as their nominee.

“It makes me so proud to be here, to help nominate Hillary Clinton,” said Lisa Whitaker, a delegate from Arkansas who attended the convention.

Whitaker said she will proudly vote for Clinton, adding she believed her party has two key assets the Republicans do not.

“[We have] unity, and we have the best candidate,” Whitaker said.

Although the Democrats have recently seen a shakeup with drama surrounding their party`s email server, Whitaker said she expected full cooperation by all.

“I don`t know what to expect. We will see. I don`t know of anything from our delegation that is going to happen,” Whitaker said. “I am just so thrilled to be part of history making like this.”


  • Jethro

    “[We have] unity, and we have the best candidate,” Whitaker said. Can you believe this nonsense? Can you believe this trash story pretending that everything is just great with these democrat clowns? Unity? The best candidate? Well let’s summarize today’s events, shall we?:
    (1) the mere mention of Crooked Hillary’s name drew ‘boos’ from the crowd (even during the invocation);
    (2) Thousands of protesters (a lot more than last week in Cleveland) chanting ‘lock her up’ and holding signs referencing the Wikileaks email dump PROVING that the whole primary was rigged for Crooked;
    (3) a ten foot tall fence surrounding the perimeter of the arena to keep protesters away, and a “wall” at the foot of the stage inside the arena to do the same (walls okay for democrat ‘elites’ but not for securing our border);
    (4) still more boos;
    (5) fanatics as speakers – Elizabeth ‘Fauxchahontas’ Warren – who lied about her heritage to get a $400K teaching job at Harvard; Illegal immigrants – who broke our laws and should be deported not given a national platform to grieve; Al Franken – now a senator and former comedian who looked like an absolute a** tonight with his SNL act; Eva Longoria – overrated actress who stated Texas belongs to Mexico; The Mooch Obama – who was never proud of her country until Barry was elected and inferred 8 years ago that Hillary couldn’t control what goes on in her own house, so why should she be president (what changed Mooch?); and Crazy Bernie – a sell-out to his followers, despite being cheated out of the primaries and ridiculed by the DNC is in the tank for Crooked (he was even booed).
    (6) Debbie ‘Blabbermouth’ Schultz – fall ‘girl’ for Crooked, spent entire primary rigging for Crooked then run out of Philly in disgrace when caught;
    (7) did I mention the boos?;
    (8) media even admitting begrudgingly that 1st day was a ‘mess’

    I could on and on. And this is just the first day. So the spin attempt here by Mr. Thomas fails. Another delegate interviewed, more smoke and mirrors to portray a false narrative that the democrats are united. The very week that ‘Clinton Cash’ can be seen FREE thru and the movie ‘Hillary’s America’ is now playing in theaters – with both retelling the undeniable corruption of Crooked and the democrat party – to have a mindless sheep (delegate) suggest they have the ‘best candidate’ is truly unbelievable, pathetic, and an insult to the American people. Hillary Rotten Clinton is THE MOST CORRUPT candidate to EVER run for president. Only a complete ignoramus or a like-minded crook who wants to see this country destroyed could ever support this evil witch. God help us.

    • Jethro

      …and how could I forget the utter hypocrisy coming out of these people’s mouths. For instance, saying they have to get the big banks out of the elections when they support a candidate who gets large donations from said banks (and foreign governments including from countries who treat women like crap and kill others because of their sexual orientation)? Come on people, you are being scammed. Democrats are crooks who have only one goal – stay in power no matter what, average Americans be d*mned. Wake up!

  • odinscharge

    I can’t wait to see the next President of the United States take the stage Thursday and Destroy Donnie! I’m with Her -> Hillary! God bless the USA. Donnie is a joke. But he does have something going for him. He lies people say I know he’s lying but I like to hear it. They say I know that he can’t build the wall or I know he can’t bring our jobs back but I feel good hearing him say it. Don’t vote for a comfortable lie. Say no to Deadbeat Donnie.

  • Never go full liberal

    LMAO!!! Unity AND the best candidate!! Did Arkansas legalize crack when I wasn’t looking or something? If you are casting a vote for killary rotten clinton you are a disgrace to the human race, yea I just said that. The biggest liar, panderer and thief this country has ever seen and you still have people willing to admit they will be voting for her. If I didn’t have a lick of common sense and was for the dimocrats, I would go live in a closet so noone ever knew how dumb I was. I just hope there are enough people out there with enough sense to see past the BS, wake up America!

    • odinscharge

      I don’t understand why you underestimate Donnie. Like he says:
      I have lies. Great lies. The best lies. Everyone says it. My lies will always beat hers. She’s a loser.

      A thief. I am the best thief. She would get caught. I will steal the American people blind. Because I am a winner!

      Pandering. You have never seen pandering until you see the luxurious Trump Pandering. I will pander to the left and to the right in the same sentence!

      • arnold fudpucker

        If Trump panders, which he doesn’t, he would at least do so with his own money not the blood money like Shrillary gets from her foreign “investors”. She’s a crook come on admit it! No way to defend such a liar, cheat and a thief like her.

      • odinscharge

        He panders just to different groups.For instance, the guy who says he has the greatest memory, forgetting who David Duke was. Well, until recently. He makes promises he and they know aren’t true. Such as building the wall or bringing jobs back. That’s pandering and everyone running does it. But Donnie does it the best.

      • Never go full liberal

        He is not a politician, he has more money than he can spend, he wants to build a wall to help keep illegal people out, he wants to stop the importation of muslim terrorist until we come up with a proper vetting process, he wants to hold our NATO allies accountable for not doing their part, he wants better trade deals that favor the United States and not some other country for the sake of socialism, he wants to create jobs and get people off welfare. Tell me again how that is pandering when it benefits ALL of America?

  • arnold fudpucker

    You ever notice that Shrillary’s wardrobe looks like it comes from the same designer that does that North Korean dictators fashions! Maybe that is what dictators like to wear.

    • odinscharge

      Trump admires Jim Jung Un. Talks about how strong a leader he is. Trump wants to model himself after Un. He also loves Putin’s style and Saddam’s. Hmmmmm…..

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