Friends Recall The Clintons’ Life In Fayetteville Before They Became Political Powerhouse

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Before Hillary Clinton became the first woman to be nominated for president by a major political party after her husband Bill had already served two terms as president himself, the two were law professors at the University of Arkansas.

Fayetteville Chamber of Commerce President Steve Clark said he was the one who picked up Bill Clinton from the airport when he accepted the teaching role at the university.

"We were all 26 and 27 years old and wanted to change the world," Clark said.

And Fayetteville City Attorney Kit Williams remembers being Hillary Clinton's student at the school of law.

"She could take a complicated constitutional issue and make it understandable to law students like myself," he said. "Not every professor could do that."

Although Williams and Clarks' relationships with the Clintons started at the University of Arkansas, the memories they made away from the campus are the ones they cherish most, like the summer nights where the couple would play volleyball with friends.

"Occasionally, Bill Clinton would come too and I knew he was left handed, because that's the way he would spike," Williams said.

Both Williams and Clark quickly noticed Bill Clinton's passion for politics, but both said they never considered Hillary would be a candidate for president.

"When I first met her, would I have thought she would be the democratic nominee for president and possibly the first woman president of the country? No, I didn't think that," Clark said.

Both said Clinton’s service throughout the years has since changed their minds.

"I think she is very competent and would make a fine president if elected," Williams said.

Clark said he couldn’t believe there would be a possibility of two Clinton presidencies in his lifetime.

"To imagine that my life would interact with two people who would work so hard to be the leader of the free world, the odds of that happening in one's life are one in 100 zillion," Clark said.

Williams added he is still wrapping his mind around that possibility as well.

"If she is elected president, then it is going to be even stranger to me that I have been close to two presidents of the United States," Williams said.

(Some photos in the new reports are courtesy of the Mullins Library at the University of Arkansas.)


  • Jethro

    Thomas you are nothing more than a tool. Digging up a couple of hacks to try and convince people that these two crooks are the 2nd coming. The real truth is in ‘Clinton Cash.’ The Clinton’s are con artists, plain and simple.

    • Jethro

      …and you are obviously not from Arkansas. There’s a reason the state went from blue to red. Why don’t you report on that “journalist?”

  • Never go full liberal

    Poor Kit Williams must have had a gun to his head when he gave this interview, especially when he said “I think she is very competent, and would make a fine president, if elected.” Apparently he didn’t watch the FBI director’s testimony before congress on killary’s private server investigation where he spelled it out on national television the she is very very incompetent. Who is the moron that made this non-news story up anyway? If I were in charge of 5 news this guy would be looking for a job.

    • Never go full liberal

      LMAO!! I just literally read this…”Dillon has a passion for finding the hidden stories, exposing corruption, and breaking local news.” This was written about a guy who writes a feel good story about one of the most corrupt politicians in America.

    • odinscharge

      Is this like Chuck Norris’s thousand years of darkness? Still waiting. Guess not even Chuck Norris can beat time. Senility is setting in.

  • Randy Ingle

    This Independent voter supported Bill twice but I was unaware of his sexual abuse and rape charges when I did. I thoroughly research politicians now and under no circumstances could I vote for Hillary. I will never understand the mindset of those who support her.

    • odinscharge

      If you’re going by accusations of abuse and rape. Trump has a currently open case of abusing and raping a thirteen year old. Apparently, Donald and Bill have a friend in common that is famous for underage abuse.

  • nwajack0

    “Oh no, don’t humanize her. That makes spreading our blind hatred for someone we’ve never met harder. Let’s keep it abstract.”– underemployed losers who spend too much time on the internet

  • Randy Ingle

    Gosh friends failed to mention getting a rapist off and laughing about it or failing the Bar exam in DC and getting fired from a firm for hiding documents and the list goes on and on and on.

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