Moving Into The University Of Arkansas

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Many students across the country are preparing to move into a college dorm. For many students this is their first time living away from home, moving into the University of Arkansas.

Stress and homesickness is something the university is focusing on for incoming freshman.

"Making sure your expectation of when they're going to be communicating and when the student wants to communicate because we'll often hear from a parent who hasn't heard from a student in a while and the student's just like I was napping or showering," said Megan Witherspoon, assistant director for residents education. "That's one of the things is making sure they're in connection with people who are back home talking to them about their experience."

And when it comes to school supplies students should wait until the first week of classes for syllabus week where their professors will list all the supplies that are needed for their classes.

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