Bella Vista Alderman Gives Salary To Police Department

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BELLA VISTA (KFSM) – A Bella Vista alderman has decided to give the rest of his 2016 salary to the police department.

“It`s very much appreciated and not just the money that will be added to our budget but also the concern and support by one of our city leaders,” said Ken Farmer.

Larry Wilson was once a California peace officer controller and said he knew the police department could use the money more than he did.

Police Chief Ken Farmer said he`s never heard of anything like this happening in Bella Vista. He plans on using the $3,000 to buy protective vests and new tasers.

“These items are...particularly the tasers are pretty being able to buy one or two would definitely save what the city has to spend on down the road,” said Farmer.

Bella Vista resident Walter Hinojosa said police officers need to be backed up by the communities they protect when they put on their uniforms.

“I really appreciate that someone who is in the public eye is willing to understand that there are public needs out there greater than his own,” said Walter Hinojosa.

And Farmer said they've personally experienced an outpouring of support from many others.

“Obviously, Alderman Wilson is one of the more visible ones but there is not a day goes by that somebody doesn`t stop by with a card or just to say hi we appreciate you or to bring by some cookies,” said Farmer.

The Bella Vista Police Department will also be hosting national night out on August 2nd at the Kingsdale pavilion.

The chief said the community building event will have food and activities for kids.

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