Don’t Like Trump Or Clinton? Why Some Argue For And Against Third Party Candidates

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- With Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton officially nominated by their respective parties for the Oval Office, many are now evaluating which candidate they would like to vote for come November.

University of Arkansas professor Andrew Dowdle said the 2016 presidential election will be one of the few elections where voters are hesitant to side with a Republican or Democrat.

“We have two incumbents who have really historically high negative ratings,” Dowdle said.

According to Dowdle, the last time the country faced a similar scenario was in 1992.

Lately, many Republicans have suggested a vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson, is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Likewise, many Democrats argued a vote for Johnson would be a vote for Trump.

Dowdle said it may be best to vote for which one you favor the most, if you don`t fully support Johnson.

“If enough votes do end up adding up on one side, and they are not being cast on the other, that may be something where you end up getting the least favorable of all options,” Dowdle said.

Libertarians in Arkansas claimed their candidate should be thoroughly considered.

“The Libertarian Party has put forward a presidential ticket that we think presents such an alternative,” said Michael Pakko, Chairman for the Libertarian Party of Arkansas.

Pakko hoped Johnson would poll at least 15 percent in upcoming surveys.

By obtaining 15 percent in national polls, Johnson could appear at debates with Clinton and Trump, which is why Pakko is pushing so hard for support.

“We`re faced with a very unusual electoral situation, where both candidates from the two major parties have very high negative ratings,” Pakko said. “[By voting for Johnson] it sends a message that you`re not really satisfied with the choices the two major parties have put forward.”

Pakko added the Johnson campaign would continue to spread their word, in hope of getting on every ballot across the nation.


  • Never go full liberal

    I am trying to figure out if this is a hidden story, if this is exposing corruption or breaking news? Haha I was watching 5 news this morning on the television, I literally threw up in my mouth the way they were gushing over killary rotten clinton. I am so sorry Garrett Lewis, you are my favorite weather man but I can no longer stomach 5 news, hopefully we will see you on another news station soon.

  • Randy Ingle

    I don’t care for either one but as an Independent voter I have no choice but to vote for Trump! Even ole Bernie Sanders has left the Democratic party to become an Independent and I do not blame him!

      • tasdgs

        I do not believe that there is a thing a wasted vote unless you vote for a fictional character. If you vote for a person that you believe in and for the beliefs that they stand for then you have not wasted your vote. You have simply voiced your opinion.

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