Police Officer Moved To Tears After What Happens During Traffic Stop

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HEARD COUNTY, Ga. — A police officer was overcome with emotion after a recent traffic stop — and the video is going viral.

Deputy Brandon Wiggins shared the touching video on his Facebook page. He said during the traffic stop, he saw two vehicles pull over near the vehicle he had stopped.

“I immediately start running situations through my head, and praying for the best. I’m nervous, and praying to God that nothing is going to happen, as I get back out of my car, I see a man and a woman exiting the vehicles, my hand close to my gun and my heart pounding, all while still watching the driver of the truck.”

Wiggins said the man told him the person inside the stopped vehicle was his son.

“I relaxed just a little and explain to him the reasoning for the stop, he then proceeded telling me about his father being in the hospital and having a stroke.”

That’s when the man grabbed Deputy Wiggins’ hand and asked to pray for him. “God bless ya’. I appreciate all that you do for us,” the man said.

The man and Deputy Wiggins can then be seen bowing their heads and praying together.

“My heart sank and has he prayed for me and my brothers in blue my eyes filled with tears, I was at a loss for words, this man with all he had going on, stopped to pray for me. As I walked away I was in total shock. Thank you sir for taking time out of your day to pray for us. God bless you and your family.”

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  • Melvin Gillham

    There is no way Americans can repay enough to our boys in blue for the savagery and ignorance they get paid a meager wage to face on a daily basis. How do I know? I was an OTR driver 20yrs + and in all 48 I’ve met good and bad. The bad were very very few in number in 20 yrs and the good were a credit to the service they are dedicated to. My heart and prayers will always go out to the blue. I would support an officer in distress even if it weren’t required by this ccw license I carry. I got your 6 heroes in blue!

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