Washington County Democrats Gather For Clinton Acceptance Speech

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) – Thursday (July 28) night, Hillary Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for President, and many gathered in Fayetteville to watch the historic event.

Almost 100 people filled a portion of Foghorns for the event, coming together to watch the speech, which took place in Philadelphia.

“You feel like you are a part of something, instead of on the edges of something,” said Lisa Sharp, a Democrat. “I am still a Bernie supporter, who is voting for Hillary.”

Sharp said, since Bernie Sanders endorsed Clinton for president, she has joined the Clinton campaign.

“[Arkansas] actually might have a chance to be blue, or at least within a few points, instead of them just giving up on us,” Sharp said.

Molly McCormick hoped Fayetteville would lead the way in the Clinton movement in Arkansas.

“It is a very progressive atmosphere here. It is a blue spot in a larger red pool,” McCormick said.

McCormick said she was thrilled to share the night with fellow Democrats, especially on a night where the nation would have its first female candidate accept the nomination of a major party.

“It is a historic moment, and we are all excited to be a part of it,” McCormick said.

A sentiment which Andrew Gaber echoed. Gaber, a supporter of Sanders, was at the convention when Clinton accepted the nomination.

“It is a very historic moment. It is a culmination for many of us in the room who had a very long hard fought year,” Gaber said.

State Representative Greg Leding said he hoped Clinton would hit the ground running, in an effort to win the Oval Office in November.

“I hope tonight Secretary Clinton continues the hope and aspiration, and continues to set out some clear policies that are going to differentiate herself from Mr. Trump,” Leding said. “That is certainly not going to take a lot. You really have not heard anything in the way of details in [Donald Trump’s] proposed policies.”

The first campaign office for Hillary Clinton in Northwest Arkansas will open on Monday (Aug. 1) in Springdale.


  • Jethro

    “You really have not heard anything in the way of details in [Donald Trump’s] proposed policies.” That is an outright LIE Leding you lying piece of sh*t. I’ve got news for you punk Thomas and the rest of the democrat vermin, Arkansas will NOT vote for Crooked Hillary, so take your ‘blue spot’ and shove it. You know, it’s just expected now that the dishonest media blatantly will only report stories that are positive for Crooked and try to cover up the negative (which there is many). The resident hack, Thomas, has gone out of his way this week. Apparently the little worm was never taught there are two sides to a story. How many positive stories about Trump have been on this website in the last few weeks? Don’t strain yourselves; the answer is ZERO. How many for the crook? At least four this week alone. You think this is a big joke and you’re going to fool a lot of people. Guess what? The jig is up amateur. ‘Big league!’

    • Jethro

      Here is some of what these liars in the media won’t tell you about this past week at the DNC:
      • Crooked Hillary lied her way through the whole speech. She has failed at everything she has done and is as corrupt as they come. The list is endless.
      • Slick Willie left out the most critical chapter in his phony ‘I met a girl’ farce – ‘I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.’ Ahh…who can forget the 90s? But, Bubba and his good ol’ boy ‘aw shucks’ shtick never disappoints though, does it? I’m sure a lot of people were fooled again.
      • Barry Soetoro forgot to mention what exactly he’s done well for America. Oh that’s right; he’s done nothing well other than mention himself 119 times during his speech according to multiple reports.
      • Joe ‘Plugs’ Biden is a clown.
      • No US flags on the first day, a few put out due to criticism for Days 2 and 3, then more added for Crooked’s speech (reports that they had to commandeer flags from City Hall). This ‘oversight’ tells you one thing – democrats dislike America and was on purpose.
      • In order to appease and pander to the criminal element within the party (i.e. BLM), no mention of law enforcement or tributes to those officers who were recently assassinated in Dallas and Baton Rouge. This tells you something else – democrats hate the police (and the military).
      • The grievance/race-baiting industry was on full display with a plethora of ‘victims’ telling us all what’s wrong with America and why they were wronged.
      • To save the narrative of party ‘unity’ hundreds of actors were hired to fill seats left vacated by disgruntled Bernie supporters, playing ‘white noise’ to drown out boos, whole banks of lights darkened when any protesting erupted, pro-Bernie signs confiscated, and a 10 ft tall fence erected around the perimeter of the venue a few miles out so we would think no one was protesting outside (in fact some on social media have been doing the job the media should be doing – filming the thousands who protested throughout the week).
      • Lots of celebrities speaking because Crooked and the democrats think you’re stupid and will heed what some nitwit actor tells you to believe.
      • Locking people in the venue tonight so no one can walk out during Crooked’s speech.
      • American and Israeli flags being burned outside each day, some stomped and spit on.
      • Uniformed police officers banned from being on the convention floor.
      • Some in the crowd turned their backs on a Medal of Honor winner. Again, democrats hate the military.
      • Not one mention of the Clinton Foundation. If such an honorable organization, why did no one bring it up? Because it’s a money laundering scheme currently under investigation by the FBI.
      • Tim Kaine is a joke.
      In a nutshell, the whole charade was nothing but Trump bashing and no substance; no solutions for the country’s problems. But that’s the democrat party for you – they aren’t competent enough to fix anything (except for an election). Many have questioned Crooked Hillary’s vision for America. That’s because she has none; she’s only in this for herself. That’s been her whole life story. Do yourselves a favor – get away from the ‘mainstream’ media deception and do your own research, go see Hillary’s America, Google ‘Clinton Cash’ and watch it online for FREE, read Crisis of Character, learn about the real Hillary Clinton not the one portrayed in the media and in Hollywood. Don’t just do it for yourselves; do it for your country. We can’t afford to let this degenerate in the White House. Your children will thank you.

      • Jethro

        She has the gall to criticize Trump’s press conference? At least he’s doing them! When’s the last time you did one Crooked? 238 days ago and counting… What are trying to hide? Don’t want to talk about the 33,000 emails you deleted? Don’t want to talk about Benghazi? Don’t want to talk about the Clinton Crime Family Foundation? Don’t want to talk about Wikileaks? Afraid someone might ask you a real question (and not one pre-approved by your goons in advance)? Scum.

      • Jethro

        Oh…maybe she didn’t bring up her ‘foundation’ because she gets millions from countries who treat women like dirt and throw gays off rooftops. Or maybe she didn’t want to tell you about Haiti and how she and Bubba scammed that poor country out of millions. Perhaps it wasn’t beneficial to mention all the times she covered for Bill and all his mistresses and the 15 women he allegedly raped. No, none of that would’ve jived with her narrative of protecting women and children.

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