Centerton Police Department Hires Extra Officers For New High School

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CENTERTON (KFSM) -- Bentonville West High School may be the largest expansion project the City of Centerton will see in the next few years.

With the large facility set to open in August, the Centerton Police Department was forced to hire extra officers to patrol the campus.

Police Chief Cody Harper said the school will have a Student Resource Officer who will roam the school eight hours per weekday to promote safety.

“It is our biggest priority, being the police department,” Harper said.

Harper said the department will also look to hire two more officers to fill patrol duties, bringing the patrol staff to 20 officers.

“As far as safety and security, we don’t plan on anything out of the ordinary[at the school],” Harper said. “We will have additional personnel up here, besides the S-R-Os, directing traffic, getting students where they need to be, getting parents where they need to be, and just assisting to make sure we have a good flow coming into the school.”

The police department will also train at the school for active shooter situations, in order to prepare for the worst case scenario in the future.