Fans Find Ways To Stay Comfortable At Peacemaker Music & Arts Festival

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Festival-goers are excited for the annual Peacemaker Music & Arts Festival this weekend in Fort Smith.

"I am going to get wound up from the ground up, and tore up from the floor up, and just sit there and listen to music and enjoy myself tonight," fan Joe Sweeps said.

As people fill up Riverfront Park this weekend, being comfortable is what many are focused on.

"You just don't have as much fun if you're not as comfortable," April Humphrey said. "You just get miserable, but so far I'm having a great time."

An inflatable sofa called 'Smooth Bag' seems to be a popular trend for festival-goers this year.

"You open up the end and you get air in it," Humphrey said. "I took it over to the fan and filled it up. We rolled it up, and you can either sit on it or lay in it like a bed, it's real comfortable."

Others are doing whatever they can to keep cool in the heat.

"These [umbrellas] are great," Melvin Ward said. "You've got great hay bells to sit on, and shade. Shade is very important out here. It can get a little hot before the sun sets, so I'm appreciative of the umbrellas out here."

But, aside from finding a comfortable spot, fans are here for the music.

"I have met so many great people," Festival board member, Bobby Rogne said. "Different types of people, young, old, people who like different genres, different things. But, they're all coming together for this one sole purpose of having a weekend, and enjoying music and enjoying arts, and enjoying each other."

The Peacemaker Music & Arts Festival will go on from July 29-July 30. For more information about the festival, visit their website.