As New Schools Open, Local District Continues To Hire Bus Drivers

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) – Bentonville Public Schools are constantly growing, and their transportation department is in need of drivers.

This month, the school district will open their second high school. Although the district is expanding, those with the transportation department said they will not need to hire excess drivers.

“For us, every time we open a school, it makes our jobs easier,” said Chris Dewitt, Transportation Director.

With the addition of a new school, new routes will be formed for bus drivers.

“The larger our district becomes, the more effective we can become, because when we add a new school the zones get smaller,” Dewitt said.

Although the district will not be increasing the number of individuals needed to operate the district’s transportation, they are still looking to fill some open spots.

“We are always looking for people. I looked back as far as 12 years. And, in the 12 years’ time I could fully research, we’ve not one time been fully staffed,” Dewitt said.

Currently, 10 spots are open, with starting pay opening at $14.43/hr.