Counterfeit Money Found Circulating Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- Fort Smith police investigators are working several cases involving counterfeit money. Last week, investigators say they received a call from the Sonic on Towson Avenue where employees told them a woman tried to pay with a fake $20.

Investigators said once they arrived they found $2,000 worth of $20 bills.

"These were purchased on Amazon for so much money. For $2,000 worth of play $20s or something like that," said Fort Smith investigator Barbara Williams.

The woman was arrested and charged with first-degree forgery, according to Williams.

Another of the two cases that Fort Smith investigators are working on happened over this past weekend.

Williams said an employee at Hardee's on Grand Avenue reported finding a fake $20 in the register but didn't know which customer it came from. Another case involved the Braum's on Rogers Avenue. Investigators said the drive-thru employee spotted the fake bill and the person driving the vehicle sped away. She said the security camera's didn't catch the vehicle's license plate number.

One other case they are working on involves a fake $100 bill that possibly came from a movie set somewhere in the world. The bill was found at First National Bank on Midland Avenue. It's marked with the writing "motion picture use only."

Williams said if you think you may have come across one of these fake bills to report it immediately.

"You can take it to your bank. What I would not recommend is that you present it for whatever denomination it is because the bill, you're trying to pass it. But, if you're suspect of a bill you can take it to your bank and ask them to check it or bring to us and we will check it," Williams said.


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