‘Pocket Park’ Grand Opening Delayed In Downtown Fort Smith

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- After months of planning, an opening for a new park has been postponed because organizers said there has been an unexpected delay with the food truck operator. More details about the delay should be released later, but leaders hope the area will be finished this week.

Construction started on the Garrison Commons about six months ago. Crews said they had another setback earlier this year because of the heavy amount of rain the area received during spring.

The so-called "Pocket Park" is located along Garrison Avenue where an empty lot used to be. A mural of a native that was chiseled and jack-hammered by an artist during the Unexpected Project will serve as the backdrop.

Organizers are looking forward to having this area open.

"For those of us that live and work in downtown, it's just something else to do," said John McIntosh, Executive Director of 64.6 Downtown.

This new space will be a place for folks to relax, listen to live music and enjoy some food from local vendors.

"It's a place to hang out in the evening during the spring and summer," said McIntosh.

He also added that their main mission is to bring more life to the downtown area.

"I'm not sure if this is going to have much of an economic impact financially," according to McIntosh. "However, it's going to have a big impact because it shows folks that you can do a lot with an empty lot."

City leaders said they have more big plans at Garrison Commons, eventually bringing in movie screenings for families to enjoy.

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