Adventure Arkansas: Powered Parachuting

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The ability to fly comes in all shapes and sizes. On Adventure Arkansas, we’ve flown planes, helicopters, flyboards, parasails all over, but it’s time to add another aerial object for us to see the beauty of the Natural State.

Greenwood pilot Bobby Faulkner took our 5NEWS crew up into the skies on a Powered Parachute in this week's Adventure Arkansas.

"There’s nothing like it," Faulkner said. "I mean when you’re up in the air your troubles are behind you and you’re just free."

First we made sure everything was good to go on the ground. Then, with Bobby in the driver’s seat, Jay Plyburn, Krystle Sherrell and Sean Bailey each took off to soak in the sights from new heights.

"That’s the most exciting part," Faulkner said. "I love taking people up for the first time. They were just like you and screaming and hollering and saying, 'Oh I can’t believe this!'I haven’t taken anyone yet who hasn’t enjoyed this."

We got to about 800 feet up, flying over pastures and fields all with the Ouachitas, Sugar Loaf Mountain and Cavanaugh Hill in the distance. The humidity was not our friend though

"We could probably see 75-80 miles on a good, clear day but of course we are having a lot of humidity now," he explained.

While going as high as possible was fun, spiraling back down when the fan was turned off was the biggest thrill. Of course we had to come back down to earth after having our head in the clouds.

To fly a powered parachute, you would need a sports pilot license, which includes 12 hours of flight time training.

If you would like to see sights over the River Valley, call Faulkner at 479-719-9153 to set up a flight.

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