Kilo The K-9 Fort Smith Police Dog Retires

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FORT SMIHT (KFSM) -- Kilo, the K-9 Fort Smith police dog, is officially retired.

"He's been very successful in getting a lot of narcotics off the street in Fort Smith and surrounding areas as far as that goes," said Cpl. Travis Watkins. Watkins is Kilo's partner and trainer.

"Kilo and I are really good friends," Watkins said. "Up until now he's been a working dog."

Watkins started training and sharing his home with Kilo since Kilo was two years old. He has spent the last few years working for the Fort Smith Police Department. Watkins recently moved to a position as a school resource officer.

"It's really hard sometimes to give another dog to another handler after he's been with them so long because of the special bond we've created," Watkins said. "He normally doesn't listen to anybody but me."

Kilo is now retired  because of Watkins new position. The K-9 will now enjoy some playtime in his retirement years.

"My family and my kids never have had really contact with him up until now so that's one of the things I'm excited about is kind of integrating him into the family I should say," Watkins said.

Kilo will now spend his days at the park and hanging out with the Watkins family.

Kilo was one of five K-9 police dogs within the Fort Smith Police Department. Watkins estimates over the last eight years that K-9 dogs have helped the police department officers take several millions of dollars in drugs off the streets.