Tulsa Woman Accused Of Setting Fire To Apartment To Kill Children, Claims They’re Cannibals

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TULSA — A Tulsa woman was arrested on Wednesday (Aug. 3) after she was accused of setting her apartment on fire to try to kill her children.

Kristan Kirk, 32, faces charges of attempted arson and child neglect.

She told detectives that she thought her two children, ages 6 and 9, were cannibals, reported News on 6. Both children were unharmed and were put into protective custody.

After hearing a smoke alarm go off, a maintenance worker found the children inside the smoke-filled apartment and called police. Police said the stove was on and she had placed cans on the burners, and the microwave was on with metal inside.

Police said they were lucky the maintenance worker called when he did, as the microwave was about to catch on fire from the sparks.

The woman returned to her apartment while police were still inside.

Kirk told police that this was her second attempt to catch the apartment on fire, because it didn’t work the first time.

Police said she was off her medication and was suffering from depression.

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