Flavors Of Summer: Jerry Neel’s BBQ

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On this Flavor of the Week, Melissa Hall stopped by a Fort Smith favorite that's been smoking the BBQ since the 1970s -- Jerry Neel's BBQ.

Jake Neel's dad, Jerry, started cooking up barbecue back in 1977, and they've been doing things the same way ever since.

"We still do everything like we did the first day we opened," Jake Neel said. "We make our potato salad from scratch, our coleslaw from scratch, and are beans from scratch. All of our meats we put our own rub on them. And our sauce we make from scratch."

They smoke their meat all day long so it doesn't matter if you're coming in for lunch or dinner, you're going to get something fresh off the smoker. It'll be nice and juicy, and you can taste that smoke.

As you can imagine with them smoking meat twice a day, they've got it down to an art.

"You can tell when a rib's done because it kind of cracks like that," Neel said. "But it's juicy too."

Dine in or drive thru, when you come to Neel's you better come hungry.

If you can't make your mind up, get the combination platter. Any three meats you want two side dishes all sorts of different options. It's guaranteed to fill you up, and it's spicy but not too hot.


Save room for dessert too.

The fresh cut strawberries top off this beautiful shortcake, along with fresh whipped cream too.