Man Identified In Deadly Officer-Involved I-40 Crash

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — One person died and an Arkansas State Police trooper was injured during the early morning hours of Monday (Aug. 8) following a head-on collision on Interstate 40 near the interchange between Van Buren and Alma, according to state police.

Matthew Choate, 24, of Fort Smith was killed when the vehicle he was driving collided with Arkansas State Trooper Roy Moomey’s vehicle at around 3:40 a.m., according to Arkansas State Police.

Moomey was trapped inside his vehicle for nearly an hour, ASP said. Once first responders were able to free him with the jaws of life, he was taken by ambulance to an area hospital.

A state trooper on scene said Moomey tried to block the other vehicle as it was heading the wrong way on the interstate. That was when the vehicles collided.

Marc McCune, Crawford County prosecuting attorney, said Moomey was expected to make a full recovery.

McCune also said the driver of the other vehicle was intoxicated.

ASP Public Information Officer Bill Sadler said toxicology tests for Choate had not yet come back from the State Crime Lab, so ASP could not officially confirm whether Choate was intoxicated at the time of the crash.

UPDATE: According to McCune on Tuesday (Aug. 9), Moomey was out of surgery and everything went well. “Rod in leg and wrist pinned. They will deal with ankle later. It will be a long recovery. Keep the prayers coming.”

Trooper Roy was released from the ICU and started rehab on Monday (Aug. 15). He was moved to a chair, where he was able to sit for an hour.


  • Brian McElhaney

    Arkansas State Trooper Roy Moomey took on a 2 ton bullet early this morning, trying to save the lives of other on the interstate. Our thoughts & prayers go out to this hero & his family.

  • Reve Kiehl

    Personally, I don’t think he should have risked his life to do this. But, it was his choice to do so. I guess that’s why they call some people heroes.

  • Katy Burton

    Wonder why 0bama hasn’t jumped on preventing alcohol related crashes. It is over two times higher than gun deaths and no one has a right to drive drunk. Prayers for the complete and speedy healing of this officer.

  • Ken E Howell

    Ive been a truck driver for 40 years, and I have great respect for all troopers and cops, its a harder job then mine and they get less pay. I feel they serve like our troops and get so little respect. Its a hard job and they have to make a very hard dissension to hit a car head on to save lives, just think how may of us could do that ? I dont know if I could. truthfully. Gob Bless Our Police and Troopers.

  • peterblood71

    You hear all the time the bad things an officer or trooper might do but it’s nice to hear of heroes like AS Trooper Moomey stopping drunk losers & idiots like Matthew Choate before they kill someone else due to their alcoholic abuses, addictions and bad decisions. Dying at age 24 though is tragic and it’s too bad he didn’t stop and live to hopefully turn his life around. Often guys like this don’t though.

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