UPDATE: Possible Sighting Of Greenwood K-9, Search Continues

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GREENWOOD (KFSM) — Greenwood police officers said  they responded to a possible sighting of missing K-9 officer Kina late Thursday evening (August 11).

Attempts to locate the K-9 officer were unsuccessful, and the search will continue into the night.

A possible sighting of K-9 Kina, who has been missing since yesterday afternoon following a gunfire exchange that killed a Sebastian County Sheriff’s Office corporal, from earlier in the day is unconfirmed.

Kina went missing in the area of 4722 Highway 253. Police now believe the reported sighting at about 9:30 a.m. was of a neighborhood dog and not the K-9 officer, however the woman who reported the sighting insists the dog she saw was wearing a vest.

Rescue workers at the scene said the heat cannot be good for Kina at this point.

Police Chief Will Dawson said Wednesday, he believed Kina may have been shot. Her handler, Cpl. Dennis Wisner, opened the trunk of his vehicle also believing the dog had been shot and Kina ran away.

Search crews have been looking for the K-9 since Wednesday afternoon and resumed the search Thursday morning.

The Search and Rescue leader said he welcomed volunteers to help with the search for Kina. Volunteers should be in decent physical shape as the terrain in the area is demanding. They should also wear appropriate clothing and bring hydration.

The incident command center is located at 4233 Highway 253.

K-9 Kina with Greenwood Cpl. Dennis Wisner

K-9 Kina with Greenwood Cpl. Dennis Wisner


  • Katy Burton

    Disturbing that the dog has been found and this source hasn’t picked up on it after all this time. Or maybe it wasn’t sensational enough to cover. Disgusting either way. Makes it look like they only care about controversial news. Certainly doesn’t look like a source to be trusted.

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