Local High School Football Team Almost Misses Season

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DECATUR (KFSM) -- High school football is one of the most popular sporting events in our area, and Football Friday Nights are just around the corner.

For those who love watching football in Decatur, they almost lost their team this year. Due to initial low turnout, the team almost did not have enough players to play football.

“We might not have the best players. But, we have players who will get out there and work hard,” said Chris Yancey, a football player at Decatur.

Yancey said, before school started, turnout for the team was low.

“We only had like six senior high players at the first practice,” Yancey said.

The team, which only won one of its eight games, last year, didn’t have enough players to fill the roster during preseason training. Something Yancey says has happened before.

“We have had years in the past where we only have nine [players],” Yancey said.

Bulldogs Head Coach Shain Holland told 5NEWS he pushed hard to work with the kids, and as time went, more guys started to sign up for the team.

Both Holland, and Yancey, said they were thrilled to hear they would have enough people this year to play ball.