Springdale Park Renovations Taking A While, But Are On Schedule

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Construction at Murphy Park in Springdale began nearly a year ago and on Monday (Aug. 15) the park was still a construction zone.

The park's pond was drained and the area surrounding it is marked by construction equipment and makeshift fences.

"It will be really great when it is done. We are actively working on it, our contractor is actively working on it," said Melissa Reeves, spokeswoman for the City of Springdale. "We are hoping it will be completed by Sept.30."

Reeves said the project is taking a while and has had a few setbacks, like rain, but it still on schedule and the park will have more features once the renovations are finished.

"Just because you don’t see somebody working on it when you drive by, doesn’t mean that it is not actively being worked on," she said. "We are adding several fountains, a large pavilion. They will be putting a concrete wall around the inside of the pond to prevent erosion."

"[The renovations] will probably bring a lot more people to the park," Randy Rohan, who lives in Springdale, said. "It would bring more families out. It will be nicer. More kids will come out."

Reeves was optimistic about that too and encouraged residents to use the city's other parks until the Murphy Park renovations wrap up.

"Murphy Park is one of our oldest and most heavily used parks. We know a lot of people are really looking forward to when it is done and renovated," she said. "We are looking forward to that as well."

Reeves said anyone with concerns about the park project's progress is welcome to call the mayor’s office for more information.