Healthy Back-To-School Lunches To Pack

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Now that kids are adjusting to going back to school, packing lunches each day is once again part of the daily routine. However, this task can be a challenge when it comes to picking out healthy foods that are also inexpensive.

Packing a lunch for school can be time consuming, but it's important to make sure that your lunch is healthy.

Dr. Tammy Post said we often don't realize the hidden sugars in most of the foods that we're feeding our children. She said it's important to shop on the outside of the supermarket, which is where you can get the freshest produce.

She said the easiest way to make sure you eat healthy, is to meal prep. That means picking out healthy foods ahead of time and putting them into sandwich bags. That's not just for the elementary school kids, but it's for high school and college students too.

"College people, including myself when I went to college, gain ten to fifteen pounds their first semester because they're studying, they're very sedentary, they're not up moving around," said Post. "One of the ways that you can prevent that is just eating a lot of fresh vegetables because they eat a lot of the cafeteria food -- the pizzas and the high carbs, and all that sugar just goes straight to fat."

Post also said it's important to drink a lot of water. She said if you're craving some flavor, add fresh fruit or cucumbers into your water.

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