Kibler Man Says He Was Burglarized By Professional Thieves

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KIBLER (KFSM) -- Bruce Blythe said he met two women in Fort Smith and invited them back to his home in Kibler.

"We were all in the house having a good time talking," Blythe said. "Everybody was enjoying themselves and wanted to ride the 4-wheeler."

Blythe said he took one woman at a time on a 4-wheeler ride in his pasture behind his home. He said while that was happening the other woman was "up to no good" back at his home. He said a man driving a white car had pulled up to his house.

"They took my medications, my cell phone, my 9mm pistol and a  22 riffle," Blythe said.

Blythe said when he went back inside of his home he realized what had happened but he couldn't go after them or call police. He said his phone line outside of his home had been cut, his cell phone was gone and the keys to everything he had disappeared including the 4-wheeler keys.

"They knew what they were doing. I wouldn't be surprised if they have done this before," said Kibler police chief Roger Green. "I worry about the people they haven't come in contact with. Who are they going to do this way next? It wasn't like an amateur doing this is."

Green said the two women he wants to talk to in connection with this investigation are Danielle Burke and Sabrina Brumback. He said he was in contact by phone with one of the women but now, can't find or contact either.

While investigators search for answers Blythe said he has learned a lesson from this.

"Beware. Just don't let strangers in your house." Blythe said.



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