Local Mom Says McDonald’s Happy Meal Toy Burned Her Child

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) -- McDonald's has voluntarily stopped giving out its latest Happy Meal toy, the "Step It" activity tracker, after reports of children receiving burns or skin irritation while wearing it.

Casey Collyar's son Cason opened his McDonald's Happy Meal toy like usual and put the activity tracker on his wrist, but minutes later Collyar noticed a red mark on his arm.

"He's playing with it and it's bath time, so we're going to get in the bath and I take it off and see that there's a red mark on his arm," she said.

Collyar believes her son was burned by the back square of the watch.

"From looking where Cason was burned and looking at the back of the watch, my best educated guess is that the battery on the backside is probably where the burn came from," she said.

While she has yet to hear from McDonald's corporate office, Collyar said the local franchise owner, Michael Hadley, responded immediately.

"Michael messaged me back within minutes and says that he is contacting the appropriate people immediately to notify them that Cason had been harmed," Collyar said. "He was sincerely apologetic and sorry that it had happened."

Hadley also released the following statement to 5NEWS:

"I was sad to hear of concerns with our latest Happy Meal toy, which is a great concept. But, I'm proud to be an Owner Operator in a company that has such high standards for the safety of children, customers, and employees. This voluntary move demonstrates McDonald's commitment to the safety and well-being of our customers."

In the end, Collyar wants to make sure this sort of thing doe not happen again.

"It makes me feel good that hopefully I have protected other children from being burned," Collyar said.

She said since she posted the pictures of her son's burn on social media, she has received messages from other parents who said their children have also been harmed after wearing the Happy Meal toy.

"It can't be a high-quality toy that is given way in a Happy Meal, but I never dreamed that it would actually burn a child," Collyar said.

Collyar said she is satisfied McDonald's removed the toy from distribution, but she wants proof that these watches are no longer being given to customers.

"Do I have proof that they're not handing them out anymore, I do not," Collyar said. "I know that it is a voluntary recall, meaning the government has not made them recall it at this time, so we shall see."

The McDonald's Safety Lab has contacted Collyar and she said they plan to pick up her toy for further investigation.