Rogers Man Arrested On Suspicion Of 19 Breaking Or Entering Counts

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ROGERS (KFSM) — An investigation of multiple burglaries, thefts and breaking or entering charges ended Wednesday (August 17) with the arrest of a Rogers man.

Augustus Keith Murray, 24, was arrested after being identified as a suspect after a woman told investigators a tall, skinny white male had gained access to her house at night on July 23, and stolen three piggy banks (with about $150 total in them) and an iPhone.

After the victim and her husband chased him out of the house, Murray ran down South 13th Street and out of sight. The victim stated the intruder may have been an employee of her husband. Attempts at pinging a phone location were initially unsuccessful, but two days later, the phone alerted to be at a location off South Old Wire Road.

The residence owner claimed he did not know anything of an iPhone there, but allowed officers to search the home. A detective found two iPhones and three wallets in the back bedroom, and the owner said that was “Gus’s room.”

Inside the room, police found multiple wallets, social security cards, credit cards, backpacks and jewelry.

A records search of the names on the stolen items revealed open cases across Benton County.

Murray was arrested on a domestic battery charge, and investigators interviewed him about the thefts they were investigating.

According to the Benton County Jail, he faces 19 counts of breaking or entering, one count of residential burglary, and six counts for theft of property.

He has one bond at $50,000 and another at $10,000. Murray will have his next court date on September 26.


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