Bull Riders Face-Off At Buckin’ In The Ozarks

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- Buckin` in the Ozarks was held Saturday (August 20) at Parson`s Stadium in Springdale where bull riders rode some of the best bulls in professional bull riding.

Seasoned and rookie bull riders faced off against animals that are famous in the bull riding industry. The riders had to try and stay on the bulls back for at least eight seconds.

They were judged on their stability and control while the bull is trying to buck them off.

“I enjoyed it, there are a lot of good bulls here and a lot of good riders...it`s good competition,” Seth Killgore said.

Seth Killgore is from Kansas, Oklahoma and has been riding bulls for 11 years. He said his dad raised bulls and he was already into rodeos so becoming a bull rider seemed like the natural thing to do.

“Really after the first couple of times I kinda just got hooked," Killgore said. "It`s more the adrenaline rush and you really want to get into it and it`s a challenge, you never know.”

In the first round Killgore got bucked off, but he hoped to do better if he makes it to round two.

“Sometimes you may go ride some of the best bulls in the world and other days you just get bucked off," Killgore said. "So you have to keep going and see how good you really want to be."

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