Fayetteville City Officials Join Community For Black Lives Matter Event

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)-- Monday (Aug. 22) night, dozens from the Fayetteville area came together to grasp a deeper understanding as to what the Black Lives Matter movement is.

“We wanted to use this as a means of awareness, and to be proactive,” said D’Andre Jones, event organizer. “When we say ‘Black Lives Matter’, that is not saying no other race matters. What we are calling for is equality.”

Jones said the city of Fayetteville has always looked to be inclusive, and still does. City leaders agreed.

“The more the police department can understand what the community concerns are, the better off we all are,” said Greg Tabor, Fayetteville Police Chief.

Tabor said the police department is fair with their arrests no matter the race of a suspect, adding the city’s arrest statistics show one thing.

“All [arrest statistics] are very much in line with the demographic of the city. So, I don’t think there is a problem at all,” Tabor said.

Mayor Lioneld Jordan was one of many guests at the event, which featured speaker who were looking to describe what the true meaning of the movement was.

“We are not perfect. We are always looking for improvement in equality and inclusion,” Jordan said. “We believe in a partnership based government, where it is community building community. And, tonight is a building block of that community.”

Jones said it is events like this that will help shape the community for the better.

“Empathy will lead to compassion. Compassion, of course, will lead to a call to action,” Jones said.


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