High Traffic Leads To New Lights Throughout Chaffee Crossing

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CHAFFEE CROSSING (KFSM) — More changes are coming to a community in our area that continues to evolve and grow almost daily. Crews have been hard at work putting in new lighting in different areas around Chaffee Crossing in Fort Smith.

The reason why this is happening is because of the increase in the number of people and traffic coming through. According to Ivy Owen with the Redevelopment Authority at Chaffee Crossing, the surrounding area continues to grow at a rapid pace.

The area has the new medical school opening in the fall of 2017, as well as other local businesses opening their doors. “It really makes me feel good to see the growth that’s happening out here,” said Owen.

According to Owen, the city of Fort Smith decides where to put the lights wherever they see the need. With the increase in vehicles coming in and out of Chaffee Crossing, as well as the extra foot traffic with a lot of folks now living in the area, the need for the new lights was very strong. Chaffee Crossing is a well-known area for runners and bicyclists to visit at all hours of the day. “When the sun sets it’s dark and people have to walk back,” said Bob Robinson who rides his bike daily in the area. He adds, “It will make them feel a lot better and safer.”

Crews have been installing the new lights throughout the week. Owen said this is a good problem to have because it means the area is growing. “We have to get in front of all the development, but it’s really exciting,” said Owen.

Officials said they hope the same thing happens along Wells Lake Road, especially once ArcBest’s new headquarters opens in the spring of 2017.