Rain Doesn’t Stop Dickson Street Slide Fundraiser

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- An afternoon rainstorm didn't stop people from lining up to slide down Fayetteville's most popular street.

Dickson Street Slide was held Sunday (Aug. 28) to benefit Soldier On Service Dogs, an organization that provides service dogs to veterans.

Chloe Bryan said she went down the slide more than a dozen times.

"It was just very long and fast and I like fast things," Bryan said.

5NEWS anchor Katelynn Zoellner and reporter Laura Simon went down the slide just as it was starting to rain, but they said they still had a great time.

'"We did it last year and I feel like this year it was longer, the slide was longer. It was a little bit faster and I didn`t fall this year and I know a lot of people saw Garrett`s Facebook live last year and I fell really hard so it was an accomplishment to not fall this year," Zoellner said.

"And this year it started pouring down rain, but I guess we were bound to get wet anyway so it`s all good," Simon said.

5NEWS reporter Dillon Thomas said it was great to see so many people at the event.

"The heavier you are the faster you go, so it kind of worked in my favor when it came down to racing," Thomas said.