Man Finds Possible Mastodon Tooth In Vian

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VIAN (KFSM) -- In Vian, a man named Richard Horn Jr. said he was walking down a creek bed when he spotted something unusual.

"I was looking at it, but wasn't for sure what I was looking at and I picked it up. Sure enough it was a mastodon tooth," he said.

Horn took it to the office of Dr. Pat Sullivan in Vian. He looked it over and verified that it looked very similar to his collection of mastodon bones that he displays in his lobby. He said the bones were collected and given to him by a patient named Bonnie McConnell.

"She found these bones and brought them to me," Sullivan said. "Apparently, that was her past time to walk the creek and look for arrow heads."

Mastodon's went extinct over 10,000 years ago. They look similar to an elephant and a mammoth.

Sullivan has what appears to be teeth, back bones and a leg bone in his collection.

Horn said he plans to donate his finding to a museum in the future.

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