Spiro Barber Rewards Summer Helper For Hard Work

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SPIRO (KFSM) -- A local barber takes a 12-year-old boy under his wing, allowing him to help out at the shop and make some money this summer.

"I always have a kid working for me during the summertime to earn a little extra money and make sure they get fed during the week," Bobby Wofford said.

Wofford has been a barber for more than 15 years. He met Caden Dill two years ago when he came in for a haircut.

"He's kind of like me, from a rough background not everything's perfect in his life," Wofford said. "My life wasn't perfect when I was the same age as him, and a gentlemen gave me a chance when I was younger, so I just try to give it back."

So this summer, Wofford gave Caden a job at BTB Barbershop. Caden's grandmother would drive 20 miles from Keota to Spiro to drop him off two to three times a week and while there was no shortage of fun on the job, there was still work to be done.

"I folded towels, put the towels in the washer and dryer, swept, cleaned his clippers," Caden said.

Caden made $10 per day.

"Plus I'd get food," he said. "I do like food."

And if he stuck with it all summer, Bobby promised to buy him a pair of shoes. Not just any pair though, a pair no one at Caden's school would be wearing.

"They're Jordans," Caden said.

Wofford's motto is 'give and you shall receive', and since Caden gave his time and dedication, Bobby said he wanted to show him how proud he was.

"He was a kid that worked hard all summer long and earned it," Wofford said. "It wasn't given to him. He earned it."

Caden said he plans to help out at the barber shop again next summer. He also said he'd like to be a barber when he grows up, and Bobby's already been giving him some lessons.

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