Group Behind Crawford County Alcohol Petition Files Lawsuit Against County Clerk

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CRAWFORD COUNTY (KFSM) — The group Keep The Dollars In Crawford County filed a lawsuit against the Crawford County Clerk Teresa Armer on Thursday (Sept. 1), claiming she refused to count signatures for the petition of placing the legalization of alcohol sales on the November Ballot.

The lawsuit also stated Armer did not count the signatures of registered voters because she erroneously believed they were not from registered voters.

According to the lawsuit, Armer had previously counted the signatures of 3,200 registered voters twice.

“Due to [Armer’s] error in tabulating 2016’s number of registered voters in Crawford County, the total and accurate number of registered voters is materially less than the number certified,” the lawsuit stated.

The group said that because of Armer’s miscalculation, the 38 percent threshold of required signatures should be less than what was originally stated.

More than 12,000 signatures were needed to place the measure on the ballot, but Armer said Keep The Dollars In Crawford County had turned in about 9,200 certified signatures.


  • Jimbo (@eyerocker)

    I am pleased this issue didnt get enough signatures. I did not sign this petition. If you visited the walmart in alma this summer you were approached going in and out by people that were being paid by walmart to promote walmarts agenda. Walmart does not want to help you. I also was visited at my house by canvassers that specifically found me from voter registration and cross checked if I had signed, which I had not. They knocked on my door and said that they were here to collect my signature because I had not signed. Didnt sign it and asked them to leave. Walmart still doesnt want to help you. Liquor sales help no one in our county except the store owners and walmart and only promote illness and problems. If you want to help the people of Crawford County vote for the AMCA.

    • Cait McKnelly

      Whether you realize it or just don’t want to admit it, liquor is still being sold to the people that live in Crawford County that want it. They simply go across the bridge from Van Buren into Fort Smith and buy it at the liquor store at the end of the bridge. This does, indeed, funnel tax dollars from Crawford County into Sebastian County. One of the biggest contributors to the campaign AGAINST getting it on the ballot is the company that owns that self same liquor store. They stand to lost literally thousands of dollars in sales revenue if it passes.
      If you think that people won’t buy alcohol because they would be “inconvenienced” by driving into FS, think again. If you think that keeping Crawford County a dry county will keep the county “healthier”, more “moral”, “Godlier” or “safer”, think again.
      You seem to have a beef against Walmart. Let me ask a telling question. Do you still shop there? The only gain that Walmart would have would be they and convenience stores could sell wine and beer. They can’t sell package liquor by state law.
      You have every right to not sign the petition. You do NOT have the right to stop others from signing it.

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