City Council Addresses Conflict Between Cave Springs Mayor And Treasurer

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CAVE SPRINGS (KFSM) -- The Cave Springs city council held a special meeting on Tuesday (Sept. 6) to address recent incidents between Mayor Travis Lee and Treasurer Kimberly Hutcheson.

The two were recently involved in a dust up, which included Hutcheson changing the locks on her office door to keep Lee from entering without her permission.

"Do I feel he needs access to the city treasurer's office? No.," Hutcheson exclaimed at the meeting. "That is where I keep all my financials, I keep all the city checks, I keep all the employee documents."

During the meeting, Hutcheson faced the council to answer questions that involved several incidents included on a list complied by Lee.

The mayor recently barred the treasurer from city hall following what he told 5NEWS were personnel issues, but wouldn't elaborate.

Hutcheson was eventually allowed to return to the job since she is an elected official. Elected officials can only be removed by voters or a judge. Several attempts to reach Hutcheson were unsuccessful.

"The meeting was basically just to inform the public and the city council of what was going on and why we removed her of her duties," said Lee, who didn't comment on where the issues between himself and Hutcheson stand.

Lee did not attend the meeting after his father passed away on Monday (Sept. 5).

"From here, hopefully what we're going to do is work together," Lee said. "We can work together as elected officials and get this thing ironed out so we can work harmoniously for Cave Springs."

Several residents whom 5NEWS spoke with at the meeting said they were disappointed by the way the situation was handled.