NWACC Students Can Download New Safety App

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BENTONVILLE (KFSM) -- Northwest Arkansas Community College is offering students another way to stay safe on campus now that students and faculty have access to the Live Safe app for free.


The app gives students a direct line of communication with the campus public safety office and when the option is activated, it tracks your location in case of an emergency.

The app features a list of how to handle non-emergency situations under a section called “tips.” A few situations included on the list are Assault/Abuse, Report a Crime, Safety Hazard, and Suspicious Activity. After selecting one, you can add details and send a photo or video of what’s happening directly from the app to the campus Public Safety Office.


“We know that if there is a barrier, whether it's the concern that they're going to be brought into a conversation that they don't necessarily want to, or that for various reason they don't feel safe in being brought into a conversation," said Ethan Beckcom, NWACC executive director for policy risk management and compliance. "The app does allow for anonymous communication to occur.”


Another feature on the app includes asking a friend to virtually watch you walk somewhere. After activating your location services, this allows them to monitor your location to make sure you get to where you’re going, without any problems.

All NWACC students and faculty can download the app for free.