Pocola Home Damaged By Saturday’s 5.8 Magnitude Earthquake

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POCOLA (KFSM) -- A Pocola couple is figuring out the repairs they have to make to their home following Saturday's (Sept. 3) now upgraded 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

"We have one crack on the west end of the house, and it goes from the roof all the way to the foundation. It's probably a quarter inch gap at the top," Bill Cantrell said.

Bill and Irene Cantrell live nearly three hours away from the epicenter of the earthquake, but they said their home got quite a bit of damage. The tremors made it from the epicenter near Pawnee to Pocola and were felt in as many as six states.

"I was surprised that it made it this far," Cantrell said.

The ceiling in the Cantrells' living room is also cracked.

"The other ones are probably an eighth to a quarter-inch above the door and windows," Cantrell said.

The couple said they were sleeping at the time, and their dogs woke them up before the shaking started.

"Most people felt it but like me, I wouldn't have thought I'd get that kind of damage," Cantrell said.

The couple said they’re grateful they have earthquake insurance.

"It doesn't add much to the premium overall," Cantrell said, "I think it's well worth it now. I never have had earthquake insurance before, so I guess the Lord was looking out for me."

Although many believe the spike in earthquakes in Oklahoma is connected to fracking, Cantrell said he spent 21 years in the oil and gas industry and doesn't believe that's what caused the quake in Pawnee.

"I think it's because we live so close to the fault line," he said.

The Cantrells said they're still trying to decide if they're going to file a claim with their insurance company.