Prosecutor Releases Surveillance Video Of Franklin County Inmate’s Death

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FRANKLIN COUNTY (KFSM) -- The Franklin County prosecutor released surveillance video from the day an inmate died while in custody in the Franklin County Jail.

The video shows Cody Franklin, 20, as he's booked in the jail around 8:49 p.m. on May 16. He is put in a cell with other inmates about six minutes later.

Around midnight, Franklin started getting into fights with other inmates, so officers were going to move him to a separate cell, according to documents released by the prosecutor. As officers were walking Franklin to the so-called drunk tank, he grabbed an officer's arm and the two fell to the ground, the documents state.

Franklin was tased five times before he was handcuffed and brought into a separate cell where officers said he continued to resist and was tased three more times, according to the documents. He was tased a total of eight times in 11 minutes.

Officers removed Franklin's handcuffs and checked his pulse before leaving him in the cell at about 1:24 a.m. The time stamp on the video shows the officers came back at 1:30 a.m. to check on him again, but this time Franklin didn't have a pulse. One officer began CPR while EMS was called to the jail.

The documents state Franklin couldn't be resuscitated and was pronounced dead at the hospital. A medical examiner's report shows Franklin had meth in his system. It concludes the drug mixed with the fights with other inmates, the struggle with the officers and the tasing contributed to his death.

The prosecuting attorney decided not to file charges against any of the officers.

Franklin's family said they are planning to pursue legal action against the Franklin County Sheriff's Department and the Ozark Police Department.