Fort Smith Group Collects Supply Donations For North Dakota Pipeline Protest

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) -- With thousands protesting the pipeline construction in North Dakota, a Fort Smith group is preparing to travel there for the second time.

"Seeing such dedication, and such heart from a people and a nation, and seeing so many massive amounts," organizer Fenix DeRoche said. "Five hundred tribes are gathering. This is history."

The group We Stand With Standing Rock has been gathering necessities, tents, clothes and other items to take to the protesters in North Dakota.

"The first truck was donated to us by JB Hunt," organizer Nokusece Wind said.

Now, the group will fill up the second truck with items ranging from clothing and hygiene products to food.

"We're more interested in coats and warm things," Wind said. "It's getting cold there, tents that can handle four seasons, and any food or non-perishable items."

Even the smallest thing will go a long way.

"Anything helps," Wind said. "Even if  you can't go up there, when you give an item, you get it up there, and you did just as good."

We Stand With Standing Rock is having a concert on Sunday (Sept. 25) at Fort Smith River Park from 2-6 p.m. to raise awareness and gather final donations before leaving.

"Everyone can join us," DeRoche said. "Come sing with us, come make a difference. Let's fill that truck up."

With this near to their hearts, the group is hoping to make a difference.

"Just imagine if this was you," Wind said. "Wouldn't you want our help? Wouldn't you need our help if the government was coming through to put a pipeline through your backyard, through your grandfather's cemetery? Wouldn't you want help?"

The group plans to leave for North Dakota Monday (Sept. 26). Donations can be dropped off at the concert or at White Sage in Fort Smith.

For more information, visit the group's Faceboook page or GoFundMe page.


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