City Approves New Equipment At Fort Smith Landfill

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) - Workers at the Fort Smith Landfill will be able to do their job better now. This is after the city approved more than $1 million worth of equipment.

The equipment they use now at the landfill should have been replaced years ago. It's been so bad they were almost getting into violations with the state of Arkansas. Workers said the equipment broke down and was constantly in need of repairs. Especially, since they use it five and half days during the week. "It's at the point where its costing more to maintain then it would just to replace it out right," said Mark Schlievert who is the Director of Sanitation.

However, those issues aren't a problem anymore. The Fort Smith Board of Directors approved the $1.3 million in Tuesday night's meeting.

The money will go towards two off-road dump trucks which cost $449,270 each. Then their plan is a three year lease to rent a landfill bulldozer for $189,702 per year and a landfill compactor for $212,801 per year.

With no worry about the machines breaking down anymore, employees at the landfill will be able to do their job better.

Homeowners don't have to worry though as the new equipment at the landfill won't raise their tax dollars.