Bikes, Blues And BBQ: Attendee Spotlight

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM) -- Dickson street is packed with fun for all those looking for the biker experience, some even traveling hundreds of miles to attend Bikes, Blues & BBQ.

Aside from the interesting events going on, there are also some interesting people. A couple from Minnesota  says they'll be calling the Hogs all the way home.

Bikes, Blues & BBQ is the world’s largest charity motorcycle rally and it attracts thousands of people every year. Some plan their year around it, and others are new to the experience. First timers Mark and Denise Pearson say our Arkansas roads were made for motorcycles and they already plan on coming back. They even said they may like Bikes, Blues & Barbecue better than the well-known Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

"I think Sturgis is more beautiful, like picturesque, things to see, but there's no better riding," said Mark Pearson. "What attracts us is that you can ride probably all year long here, and that's something we can't do in Minnesota."

Although the Arkansas roads and the atmosphere originally attracted the Pearsons, when they discovered Bikes, Blues and BBQ was a charity rally, it was the icing on the cake.

Nearly three dozen charities are on the receiving end of donations from the rally every year.

Bikes, Blues and BBQ will be happening all week long and aside from the interesting events going on, there are also some interesting people. Harold Wilson has parked his bike on the corner of Dickson Street and West Avenue for 15 years. He stands in the same spot all day long to raise money for the Arkansas Children's Hospital, in hopes of making a difference.

Wilson says he feels it's worth his time and effort to do it because he's helping a child that's sick. He hopes everyone that walks by will at least give a quarter, because every little bit counts. Wilson also plans to be at his spot on Dickson Street for many years to come.