Cox Community Concert To Benefit Local Organizations

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- Thousands of people attended the Cox Community Concert at Riverfront Park in Fort Smith, and proceeds from the concert will benefit local organizations in a big way.

Backroad Anthem, Parmalee and Rodney Atkins were the big country artists everyone came to see, but behind the scenes the concert is doing a lot for Northwest Arkansas and the River Valley. The goal is to collect 12,000 pounds of food for the food banks.

"This is an awesome event," River Valley Regional Food Bank Director Ted Clemons said. "We have raised approximately 12,000 [pounds] of food, possibly more. This is an awesome event for the food bank, and one of our largest food donation drives for the  year."

Fans agree and said that they are happy to help.

"I think that's amazing," fan Garrett Vail said. "This community is going to come together. We could've got more, but I feel like 12,000 is a pretty big number, and I feel like its a good cause."

The food collected will go to the regional food banks, and proceeds from the concession sales will benefit the Boys and Girls Clubs and the Mercy Foundation of Fort Smith.

"Two cans to see an awesome venue like this, you can't beat it," Clemons said. "Then, you're helping people also, and a community who doesn't have food. It's a win, win situation, so everybody wins."

Organizers from Cox Communications and the food banks said they plan to hold this event again next year.