Epipen Hearing On Capitol Hill

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The CEO of drug company Mylan insists, that its Epipens aren't as profitable as everyone thinks.

Epipens are used in allergic reaction emergencies to inject a dose of the life-saving drug epinephrine.

The cost of an Epipen two-pack has risen from 94 dollars in 2007 to 6-hundred nine dollars today.

Worried parents launched an online petition asking congress to stop what they called price gouging.

Lawmakers on Capitol Hill have accused heather Bresch and her company of jacking up the price to get "filthy rich".

Bresch however said people are wrong if they think Mylan is pocking massive profits.

"You think you were charging too much at $600?," said Scott DesJarlais.

"Sir, we believe it was a fair price and we've just now lowered that price by half," said Heather Bresch.

"Why did you lower it by half if you thought it was fair,” said Scott DesJarlais. “If you thought it was fair leave it where it's at.”

"Because we wanted to make sure we're addressing the patients out there that are facing higher out-of-pocket costs and paying the wholesale acquisition costs, which were not intended," said Heather Bresch.

At today's hearing, Bresch admitted she received about 18-point-9 million dollars as Mylan's CEO last year alone.

Statistics show Mylan has the second-highest executive compensation in the entire drug industry.

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