Local Groups Hope To Revitalize Fort Smith Streets

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FORT SMITH (KFSM) --  We're seeing a lot of changes in Fort Smith from Chaffee Crossing to downtown Garrison Avenue, but there are two areas in Fort Smith that some say have seem to be forgotten. Two local groups in Fort Smith have joined together with hopes of revitalizing the look of the oldest areas in town.

The groups, Believe In Fort Smith and River Valley Economic Development, are leading the charge to bring cosmetic touches to Towson and Midland Avenues. They plan to plant trees, spruce up business fronts and change street lights and signs to mirror the signs on Garrison Avenue in hopes of filling empty store fronts.

"This is an opportunity to reinvigorate and show our pride and put some energy into Townson Avenue and Midland Avenue," River Valley Economic Development council member Mosemarie Boyd said.

"Especially by bringing it back to the north side of town because it's the side of town people have forgotten about so bring back as many businesses as possible," founder of Believe In Fort Smith Marcus Thompson said.

Owner of Prince Drugs Daniel Lunsford said the revitalization of Towson Avenue is a welcomed idea. The groups are encouraging owners to chip in and help the renovations.

"I think it would look better here and make us look better, the building and area look better if we cleaned it up a little bit," Lunsford said.

The groups will start small with where Towson Avenue begins. That area will be named the Magnolia Business District, while the Midland Avenue area will be the Apple Blossom District.

The group says they will rely on help from the community. You can learn more on their Facebook page, Believe In Fort Smith.