Sparks Hospital in Fort Smith Named Lung Cancer Screening Center

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FORT SMITH (KFSM)- An accreditation at Sparks Medical Plaza is making it easier for patients to learn their risk of lung cancer.

After a vigorous process, the hospital is now a lung cancer screening center.

"A screening program such as this one focuses on detection and treatment of early stage lung cancer," Dr. Jennifer Fox said. "Low-dose CT [scans] have been known to detect early lung cancers much better than other modalities such as chest x-rays."

While lung cancer screenings are fairly new, technicians said for patients, they are simple.

"The low-dose scan takes about five minutes," radiology technician Kelli Hubbard said. "[Patients] are on the table about five minutes. They're completely painless, no needles involved."

Technicians recommend that patients who are at a higher risk for lung cancer, such as smokers, should have screenings done yearly.

Doctors said early detection is the best way to treat and beat lung cancer.

To find out if you qualify for the screenings, contact your medical clinician.

For more information about the Lung Center, you can visit the Sparks Regional Medical Center website.