Blessing Boxes Help Fight Hunger

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SEQUOYAH COUNTY (KFSM)- Blessing boxes are being placed around the Sequoyah County area in hopes to help with hunger, as well as brighten the days of residents.

"What's in the blessing box is non-perishable items or toiletry items," creator, Lori Freeman said. "Anybody in the community that wants to put something in can put something in, and anybody that needs it, can take it out. It doesn't matter what your status is or what your income is, it's our community pantry, it's welcome to everybody."

Although the boxes have only been up for a few days, the creators are already seeing a lot of interaction.

"The first night that we put it up, I came back the next evening to check on it, and there were several items that were gone, and there were several new items," creator, Bayleigh Click said. "It was super exciting, because I knew somebody had been there, and I knew somebody had used it, and I knew somebody was giving back."

With their blessing boxes, Bayleigh and Lori are hoping to inspire others to place their own blessing boxes.

"I hope that somebody else is inspired," Click said. "I had a lady message me from Stigler, I believe, and then there was a lady in Ozark, they were both wanting to place boxes."

For those hesitant to take, the creators said that is what the box is for.

"I feel like everybody at some point might need a little bit of help in their life," Click said. "I  hope nobody is ashamed to use it. It's a blessing, it's here to take. Take as much as you need."

The boxes are located at the Roland Nutrition Center next to the police station and at the entrance of the Muldrow Park.

For more information about the boxes visit the Roland/Muldrow Blessing Boxes Facebook Page.