Fans Support The Razorbacks From Home

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FAYETTEVILLE (KFSM)- From Hog calls to good food, even when the game is away, Razorback fans sure do know how to celebrate a game day.

"It's just great," Razorback fan, Mike Brock said. "There's so many people up here, especially being in Fayetteville that are Hog fans, and it's just a great atmosphere to be in."

Some are even taking a break from other festivities in Fayetteville to cheer on the Razorbacks.

"We came up here for Bikes, Blues & BBQ, and we're taking a break to come up here, and watch our game like we do every year," Brock said.

For one couple, there's quite a rivalry between them; one Hog fan, one Aggie fan.

"Even thought my dad was the biggest Razorback fan I've ever known, I kind of went astray," Aggie fan, Jamie Brock said. "I became the black sheep."

For those who don't go to away games, they said it's still fun cheering on the Hogs from a crowded restaurant.

"Grub's is a privately owned restaurant, so it's more of a get to know family environment," Grub's Uptown manager, Zack White said. "You know that people are coming in, and we are all one big family, especially when watching the Razorbacks play. It's always good to be with your family."

In the end, Hog fans are hoping for one thing.

"A Hog win," White said. "Obviously we're going to win, but we're having a great year so far, and I hope it's going to continue."