7A-West Football Teams Honor Kyler Williams With Helmet Decal

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SPRINGDALE (KFSM) -- It's been almost one week since 17-year-old, Kyler Williams died in a car crash. Friday (Sept. 30) will be the first game for the Springdale Bulldogs without Williams.

The Har-ber High Wildcats and Springdale Bulldogs will kick off at 7 p.m. at Har-ber, and high schools across the area are also coming together to honor Kyler's memory. Football teams in the 7A West Conference are wearing stickers to remember him and show their support.

Fayetteville High School will  also be selling red wrist bands at their game Friday (Sept. 30) and Fayetteville fans plan to wear red when they play Springdale later this season.

Fayetteville Head Football Coach, Bill Blankenship, says a few of his players brought up ways to remember Kyler, and now the color red is sweeping through the conference.

"Kyler was known by a lot of folks, not just the guys in Springdale, so a lot of good friends,  a lot of good relationships," said Blankenship. "So as we discussed it, we came up with the idea that maybe the whole conference could put a sticker on, and we agreed to do that."

Even though they are rivals, Har-ber High painted the door of their athletic building to show their unity with Springdale High.

The Springdale Bulldogs plan to run their first offensive play in Kyler's memory. There will be ten players on the field and they will throw a pass to Kyler.

The schools in our area that will be wearing the stickers on their helmets are listed below.

  • Springdale High School
  • Harber High School
  • Shiloh Christian School
  • Rogers High School
  • Rogers Heritage High School
  • Bentonville West High School
  • Northside High School- Fort Smith
  • Southside High School- Fort Smith