Mother Says She Wasn’t Notified After Son Broke Both Arms At School

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HEAVENER (KFSM) -- Shawnna Daniels said her 9-year-old son Brayden came home from school and complained about his arms hurting.

"He came home and I told him, 'I need you to carry your bag to your room,'" Daniels said. "He started to pick up his bag and started bawling. I said, 'Brayden what's wrong with you?'"

She said that is when her 9-year-old told her he had fallen off of a slide during his day at Heavener School.

"He said, 'I bloodied my nose and chipped my tooth,'" she said.

She said he was sent to the school nurse's office but she never received a phone call from the school.

"They should have at least notified me," Daniels said.

Because of the pain in his arms she said she took her son to the emergency room. Medical records show her son had broken both his arms.

Even though the breaks weren't noticeable from the outside, Daniels said her son had been hurt enough that she should have been called.

"Even with a bloody nose and a broken tooth she should have looked at him, but she told him to 'go clean up your face and go back to class,'" She said.

Heavener School District has not returned phone calls for comment.

Daniels said her son will wear arm casts for up to eight weeks and she has now enrolled her children in a charter school.

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