Local Professor Anticipates Vice Presidential Debate Strategies

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(KFSM) – The debate stage will belong to the Republican and Democratic Vice Presidential candidates on Tuesday (Oct. 4).

Republican Governor Mike Pence and Democratic Senator Tim Kaine will go head to head at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. This comes on the heels of what was the most-watched presidential debate in history.

The debate will give the candidates an opportunity to reinforce the messages their presidential running mates are trying to get across to the American people.

Kaine and Pence have been preparing for the night by doing mock debates, studying up on briefing books, and coaching with policy experts.

Williams Yamkam, assistant professor at University of Arkansas – Fort Smith, said Pence will likely emphasize why Donald Trump is the candidate who can fix the mess in Washington and highlight his business success.

“Trump is hopeful that Governor Pence will try to shift the focus onto Hilary,” said Dr. Yamkam.

Meanwhile, Kaine is also likely to keep the focus on Trump, but for very different reasons. Kaine will be pointing out reasons Trump doesn’t belong in the White House.

“U.S. Senator Kaine will like to make sure the focus is shifted back after the debate to Donald Trump,” Yamkam said.

The Vice Presidential Debate will be at 8 p.m. on CBS. The debate will be divided into nine, 10-minute segments. Each candidate will be given a question with two minutes to respond as well as time for rebuttals. The debate will run for 90 minutes with no commercial breaks.

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